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Friday morning bloggerback

Some light reading to get you through your Friday.

  • Here's a name we haven's seen in awhile: Robert Meachem (including the oddest metaphor I've seen in awhile). It sounds like there's progress there, but with the play of the guys ahead of him, the only regular I can see him supplanting is Devery.
  • Reggie wat on Wednesday with a bone bruise. He returned to practice on Thursday, so while there's concern, the situation doesn't seem too dire. Something to watch out for, I suppose.
  • For the Rams, Marc Bulger is fully healed. Bulger missed two games (and sucked in several others) because of broken ribs. The Rams are so banged up, they're not sure where their offensive linemen will start. Also of not, Dante Hall is iffy. He's not the return man he once was, but he can still get the job done.
  • An update to last week's conversation about the movement of the Saints' DVOA: Per the Football Outsiders' premium database, the Saints racked up their highest DVOA of the season against Jacksonville, 58.6%. It's their second-highest offensive DVOA since they put up an absurd score of 69.4% against Dallas. Their defensive DVOA was the best it's been all season -- 3.2% -- but it's still not in the negatives, where good defenses resides. As expected, their special-teams DVOA drags their team DVOA down. Had they not allowed the MoJo return, they would've had their best game (according to DVOA) of the season.