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Reading is for nerds and chumps

You didn't think I would forget this picture, did you? Source
- Awesome Too Deep Zone that covers Sean Payton's use of stack formations. Very interesting and informative.
  • The Saints' next opponent, Arizona, is 0-2 against the NFC South. They lost 25-10 against Carolina and 17-10 in Tampa. Thusfar, they are 2-5 on the road.
  • The Cardinals rank in the middle of the pack (15th) in yardage allowed but poorly (27) in points allowed. They will be playing without all-World safety Adrian Wilson but will have former Auburn standout Karlos Dansby.
  • Offensively, the Cardinals will probably run roughshod over the Saints. Their receivers are all over 6-foot-1, with excellent athleticism. The Cardinals can also pound the ball on the ground with Edgerrin James -- remember him? This game has all the makings of a 42-35 shootout.
  • Nice to see Kevin Kaesviharn get some love from the media. He didn't force any turnovers, but he was a constant presence against the Falcons. The team has so much invested -- high pick, playing time -- in Josh Bullocks, they are almost obligated to play him. But I'd like to see Kaesviharn see more time, since he was clearly playing at a high level.