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Go not the Vikings!

I guess it goes without saying (so why do we say it) that this was a huge victory. Brees-Colston is on par with Manning-Wayne and Bulger-Holt in the second-tier of quarterback-wide receiver combinaitons, behind Brady-Moss and Romo-Owens.

Surprisingly nice game from Scott Fujita and the defense. By no means were they dominant, but when they needed the stops, they got them. Their play sets the ceiling for this team, no question.

At various points in the season, I would've been irate and exuberant with 7-7. As it is, I'm probably closer to the latter.

Two convincing wins over mediocre opponents. I would be tempted to say this team has turned the corner, but every time I do, they take a step back.

Postgame injuries: Smith and Grant were both banged up. That's potentially two tough losses.

Whatever, the Vikings play on MNF this week against the Bears whom I can't bring myself to root for.

Go not the Vikings.