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Why I won't be watching the Pro Bowl this year ...

(Just kidding, I would never watch the Pro Bowl)

As of right now, no Saints will be appearing in the Pro Bowl, though some could still go as alternates.

So yeah, Colston, Brees and probably even McKenzie got jobbed.

Update [2007-12-18 22:6:20 by Sunil]:: No Pro Bowlers from the NFC South. I used to think the Pro Bowl had some legitimacy because it was decided by the players and coaches. But then they opened voting to the fans and's pretty much lost all legitimacy now. 11 Cowboys? Donald Driver is a fine players, but Colston's numbers are -- across the board -- better than Driver's. Colston has SEVEN MORE TOUCHDOWNS than Driver this year.

That's just ... dumb.

Hopefully, the Saints will take advantage of this and re-negotiate Colston's contract this offseason -- he is a restricted FA after the 2008 season -- so they can save themselves some money. I mean, it's not like his agents are going to be able to talk about his trip to the Pro Bowl.

Way to go Pro Bowl voters, you just reduced Marques Colston's leverage in his next contract negotiation. NICELY DONE!!!!!

(This is why the practice of fans voting for awards is not in the players' best interest -- inevitably, it will cost the players who are snubbed money.)