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Saints 23, Bucs 27

That was an ugly finish to a pretty well-played game. That loss could've cost the Saints a playoff berth.

Obviously the focus will be on the end-around call, rightfully so. There was no sense in getting cute in that situation. On the radio, Jim Henderson called it the "worst playcall in [Sean Payton's] professional career." That seemed about right. It kind of encapsulated the Saints' season in one play. They want to pull of the stupendous, while losing sight of the fundamentals.

There was some awful clock management by the Saints and were too many missed tackles. Reggie Bush didn't look particularly good.

If I didn't know better, I would say that LA Tech's Luke McCown was the Pro Bowl quarterback in this game. Particularly in the first half, the Saints made him look like a friggin' monster.  

The worst part is that the Lions lost today, which would have put the Saints in position to go to the playoffs. Now, they're in a jumbled mess.

I get the feeling this is a loss that will stick for awhile.