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Falconing, 101: Introductory Falconing

Without question, Dave the Falconer is the best NFL writer on this network -- and one of the best writers in SBNation, period. I read The Falcoholic daily, not because I want to keep up on the latest Falcons news, but because Dave's that good of a writer.

Last time through, Dave and I couldn't get together to trade five questions. But this time ... well ... you can read for yourself. As always, my questions are first, his answers are in blockquotes. Many thanks to Dave the Falconer for taking us for a brief sojourn through the mad, mad world that is Atlanta Falcons fandom.

  • So ... Chris Redman ... make you pine for the days of Kurt Kittner yet? Is it a foregone conclusion that the Falcons will draft Brian Brohm?

I dunno that it should be, but if Petrino's at the helm it will be. Brohm offers a strong arm and is pretty advanced for a college prospect, which doesn't hurt. I would just hate for the team to take him without taking a hard look at Matt Ryan, Andre the Giant and even guys like Chase Daniel (if he comes out) and Colt Brennan. I definitely hope Petrino's Louisville-boner doesn't come into play that much here.

And nothing -- not even the end of days -- could make me pine for Kurt Kittner.

  • [Text message style] OMG, warrick dunn: 190 carries; jerious norwood: 69! WTF???

LOL! i no, rite? nrowould has been l33t and dunn is done! roflcopter!

Seriously, I'm out of threats for Petrino here. If Norwood doesn't get more carries than Dunn on Monday, my head might actually explode. It's a little late in the game to give the slower, less effective and older option more carries.

Also, that's the first time I've ever used roflcopter on an SBNation site. I hope it's not the last.

  • Last time these teams played, there was some major pwnage by the Saints' defensive line. What's Pet Rhino gonna do to protect the Red Man (henceforth referred to as chaw)?

Not much, probably. Redman has a much quicker release than either Leftwich or Harrington, so that'll certainly make things a little easier. Our offensive line has been ravaged by injuries, though, so I wouldn't expect any miracles. If Redman gets hit early and often, they'll likely pull Crumpler and the other tight ends back to block more. That's about all I'd expect, though.

  • Is Pet Rhino moving back to college after this season? Can we call him Spurrier lite yet? If he stays, is he the right person to rebuild the Falcons?

I honestly don't believe Petrino is as shitty an NFL coach as Spurrier, but he sure hasn't done anything great so far. His biggest problem in my mind is that his reputation as an offensive guru has gotten to his head. I think he honestly believes everything is going to click with these guys and they're suddenly going to start putting up points, but they've done literally nothing to suggest it. He'll have to start making adjustments before I can consider him the right guy for the Falcons.

If not, he's welcome to head back to college.

  • Rapid Fire ('cause that's how I floss).
  • Joey Harrington's tenure in Atlanta will be remembered as a ___________ period.


  • DeAngelo Hall will play for ___________ next season.

The Oakland Raiders

  • The Falcons' best player in 2007 has been ______________.

Michael Boley

  • The Falcons' most pressing need is _______________.

Offensive line

  • The Falcons' strongest unit is ____________.