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Sunday Morning Gameday Approximation #1

To support my profligacy, I teach the SAT for a large test preparation company. I always tell my students that their final preparation for test Saturday should involve a routine that they have practiced at least twice beforehand. Specifically, I tell them that on the two Saturdays before the test, they should wake up at the time they would on Test Day, eat the breakfast that they would on Test Day, and do at least an hour of prep work. It approximates the test, and gets them into a mindset of comfort on Test Day. And comfort usually equals confidence. (I'm not naive enough to believe that high school students are willing to wake up early on a Saturday just to approximate Test Day, but it's the thought that counts.) Think of this as something similar, to be performed on each of the Sundays preceding Opening (Thurs)Day.

That and I just really miss football Sundays.

This is the first kickoff in the Superdome in 2006. I watched this game at Les Bon Temps Rouler (the Magazine Street one ... an underrated place to watch a game), didn't even go home after work to change from my nice clothes. Straight to the bar, straight to the drink. After all, it was gameday.

I was kind of far from the microphone, but I think you can hear my voice just before the end.

MarkV - You want to talk about chills ....