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On Meachem's Knee

Is anybody else a bit worried about Robert Meachem's knee condition? To be sure, rookies rarely contribute at receiver (there were only two rookies who appeared in the top-30 in catches last season; both were Saints, and one was a running back), and Meachem will be no better than the fourth option to start the season. Still, I'm still a bit concerned. As fellow SB Nation blogger Joel, of Rocky Top Talk, explained in his front-page story Getting to Know Robert Meachem, Meachem has already missed a season with the same injury (torn meniscus in the right knee).

The team was aware of the condition before drafting him, and Meachem will return before training camp. While I'm willing to give management the benefit of the doubt, it's always ominous when a rookie goes under the knife before training camp even begins. Especially when the team used a first round pick on the player, and is about to ink him to a multi-year deal. All I'm saying is, with the wear and tear that route running puts on knees--especially knees that aren't used to sixteen game schedules--I'm glad the team's deepest position is receiver.