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Now All We Need are Three Miracles ...

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So what better way to celebrate the Saints eighteen individual awards from the 2006 season, than to throw a large jazz funeral--complete with preacher, brass band, and black and gold coffin--and bury replicas of the trophies under the sideline of the practice field? The symbolic value is obvious: the 2006 season is dead. Before the first practice of training camp, to celebrate the birth of the 2007 season, the team plans to bring in a pregnant woman and ... well, you get the point.

"I was fired up," said Rev. Frederick Henderson. "I said, 'Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. The 2006 season is no longer with us. Your eyes are on the high calling — the prize is the Lombardi Trophy.'"

I actually think this is kind of a cool idea, throwing a big jazz funeral to celebrate the great season that the team had. It's going to be especially cool when some grave robbers dig up the coffin and make off with their very own replica of Drew Brees' Walter Payton Man of the Year Award (Take a video, I will publish it!). I wonder though, if the team becomes an annual success, are they going to keep doing this? If so, aren't they going to destroy their practice facility?

Oh well, I guess that would be a good problem to have.