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Kyle Turley, Back in the Habit

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Len Pasquarelli's most recent (danger: Insider) column provides the interesting narrative of one Kyle Turley, a former Pro Bowl offensive tackle, who is now reduced to seeking auditions for backup roles through Len Pasquarelli's column--the circularity of that last thought is dizzying. There was a time when Turley was arguably the Saints best player. But one highly publicized meltdown against the Jets (imagine what he would have done if his quarterback hadn't sucked), some snarky exchanges with Mike Martz (read: threatening violence) and a life-altering back injury-later, Turley is pounding the (Pasquarelli) pavement, looking for a job.

Having been released by two franchises in two years -- the Rams jettisoned him in June 2005 after two years of inactivity and then the Chiefs dispatched him this March -- has provided Turley a source for rededicating himself and wanting to prove the skeptics wrong. What he needs now is a team willing to take another chance on him.

I wish Turley the best of luck in his job search. I'll go out on a limb and say that he won't be playing for the Saints any time soon.

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