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A National Power?

Pun intended, failed.
[begin corporate shill]
This has been a great week for SB Nation sites. First, our fearless leader, Tyler Bleszinski, who founded our flagship site Athletics Nation was quoted in a Sports Illustrated article. Then, our two Kansas City blogs, Royals Review and Arrowhead Pride were written up in a must-read article in the Kansas City Star.

The common thread: that bloggers are increasingly gaining acceptance. The voice of the fan will not be ignored. Viva la revolucion.
[end corporate shill]

Seriously though, it's pretty cool to see some great writers get the recognition that they deserve. SB Nation is the most impressive sports blogging network in existence right now. If you're not exploring the links on the sidebar, you should be.

Oh yes, and Joe Theismann gave the Saints the dreaded triple jinx, claiming that New Orleans has the best offense, defense and overall team in the NFC South. With Theismann's track record, I don't know whether to be excited or terrified.