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Reggie Bush and David Beckham: The Video

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Here is the short-version of the heralded Reggie Bush-David Beckham Adidas commercial (watch the extended version here.) Sure, it's a bit awkward, especially seeing Beckham doing football drills, but it's always pretty cool to see two world class athletes get together and sell the shit out of some sporting goods. The highlight of the video has to be when the two collaborate on a deep post, from Beckham's foot to Reggie's hands. And watching Beckham kick field goals is always pretty special--Olindo Mare had better watch out. All in all, an entertaining few minutes, and the two look like they are genuinely having fun, though I'm guessing Reggie enjoyed making a video with Ciara a bit more.

Let's just hope that these aren't the two most famous athletes playing in Los Angeles come 2010.

In other news, the Saints released their prctice schedule. If anybody out there lives in Jackson, or plans on attending training camp, e-mail me ( your photographs/observations, and I will make sure that you are credited on the front page.