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Five G-- D----- Preseason Games!!

In the NFL, success begets hype, and hype begets increased exposure, marketability and revenue. So I guess it's a good thing that the Saints are playing five goddamned preseason games, after all, they--THE SAINTS--are involved in the two "kickoff" broadcasts of the NFL season, the Hall of Fame Game (August 5) against the Steelers, and the first regular season game (September 6), a Thursday night matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. What a long strange trip it's been (and other yearbook quotations).

However, I don't subscribe to the maxim, "The More Football, the Better." Football is far too physical of a sport to force a team to play twenty-one games before the playoffs even begin. To be fair, I think four preseason games are too many.

I AM thoroughly excited to see the Saints regain the title of "best in black and gold," but as exciting as exciting as this battle will be (Irresistible Force v. Immovable Object!), this is essentially going to be an extended fourth-stringer's scrimmage. I'm pumped to see Reggie Bush and Troy Polamalu manned up for that ONE PLAY, but after that, I'm guessing it will be back to Man Vs. Wild and The Office reruns.

Should any starters--or, for that matter, backups--get hurt, I will be furious ... l-i-v-i-d. I will casually toss around terms like "money-grab, greedy SOB's, and SHAME," with Bill Plaschke-ian righteous indignation. And nobody wants to read about that.

Furthermore, I'm a bit worried that each team's first regular season game will actually be their sixth game.

Overexposure--is this a good problem to have?