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Sunday Morning Gameday Approximation #3

Summer Reading:

  • An unfortunate story about the delays in re-building Pan American Stadium in City Park. The short of it is that it won't be ready for the high school season, meaning that the schools will be forced to pay considerably more to play at Tad Gormley.
  • Why don't more Saints get arrested? Because they're wonderful people. Gag.
  • Remembering Earl Campbell's days as a Saint.

Week 3, the Saints will play the Tennessee Titans--backup qbs beware--Vince Young's first game against the other team that passed on him. If you think young Vincent didn't circle this game on the schedule, you're probably mistaken. Week 3 will also be an important momentum game, because the bye is week 4. With no Pac Man Jones this year--ah hell, even if Pac Man was there--the Titans should get a steady dose of this guy: