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You can buy your Rum & Cokes With Debit!!!

Or, your weekly post-Katrina reality check

I love Saints games. I've never been to another sporting event where they sell mixed drinks. Every Superdome memory that I have is colored by a euphoric, rummy haze. But I never liked having to pay cash for my drinks. Well that's all going to change--and not just because this season I will have to commute from Maryland, and not Freret Street.

Part of the newest wave of the $210 million renovation of the Superdome is $600,000 on modern POS systems at the concession stands. That would be Point Of Sale, to those of you without service industry experience. These POS systems will allow you to use credit and debit cards everywhere in the stadium. Most of the other renovations in this phase concern luxury suites--places where I don't lurk. Hence, I can't exactly explain how they are different. But some corporate ballers are going to have a much more interesting time not watching the games.

I believe that the state of Louisiana is correct in spending money on Superdome renovations--to a point. I could forsee a group of people--a small but vocal minority, to be sure--claiming that the state shouldn't spend more money on the Saints facilities when the money could be spent elsewhere. Although I'm a sports blogger, I recognize that New Orleans has far more pressing needs than a new football stadium; the hundreds of million of dollars required to build a new stadium could be spent on something like schools and hospitals. However, I also believe that the boost in morale that the Saints bring, and the increase in business that 10 home games bring to the CBD, make the money well-spent. I'm guessing that this will be one of the more hotly contested issues in the next election.

Imagine that--somebody getting elected because they supported the Saints.