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Sunday Morning Gameday Approximation #5

Sunday Paper

  • Is this a puff piece on Tom Benson? It discusses when Saints fans will fully embrace Tom Benson--Superbowl be damned, fifteen years from now, if the team is celebrating their 20(07-10) Superbowl victory in L.A., and not La., then Tom Benson will never be embraced by the New Orleans community, nor should he be. I hate to sound like a harbinger of bad tidings, but the owner's future reputation is inextricably linked to the team staying in New Orleans, nothing else.
  • An accompanying puff piece on Rita Benson LeBlanc. Gag.
  • The New Orleans Sports Foundation wants to turn the NFL Draft into a weeklong carnival-like festival. As if the first round needed to take longer than it already does!

For all the talk of the Next Reggie Bush, we occasionally lose sight of how amazing the real Reggie Bush is.

Lost in the hullabaloo about the taunt at the end, and the fact that the Bears won the game (I see you, WCG), are two truths: Reggie made a great run and Urlacher has some impressive burst. I don't think Reggie should have taunted Urlacher, not because of some stupid sportsmanship thing--these are grown men--but because at the time of the taunt, the Saints were losing.