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Brian Young Breaks ... A ... Foot

Ahhh, the final weeks before training camp, sleeping in on Sundays, getting work done at work, paying attention to the significant other (and not just to get her to shut up before halftime ends).

Screw it.

You wanna know how I know training camp is right around the corner? The Saints are dissembling about an injury. One of the Saints' starting defensive tackles from 2006, Brian Young, broke his foot while training in Florida. Which foot? Well, Mickey Loomis isn't telling:

General manager Mickey Loomis said Young, 30, had surgery on his foot last week but could not say when the lineman would be able to return to practice. Loomis did not specify which foot was inovlved.

This is either bad reporting (doubtful), bad management (doubtful) or Loomis is keeping details about the injury secret. Look, I don't blame him: Big men who break their feet seem to take longer to heal (I have no proof of this). It seems logical--their feet must support more weight as they explode from their stance, cut and turn. Plus, in the trenches, the possibility that their hurt foot will get stomped on is pretty high. Especially if a guard/center knows to look for it.

I'm guessing that Young will be back before the first preseason game--because they will need to disclose his injury on the injury report. But still, it's nice to have football back.