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F.Y.I., You SHOULD Care About This

I have nothing against ESPN per se, I just think they have some dumb ideas. For example, instead of showing another miniseries about--and here's the utimate rub--the Yankees (as if they don't get enough face-time), why doesn't ESPN show something that people will actually want to watch. Like, say, StreetBall.

Which brings us to the ESPYs. Now, I'm old enough that I remember when the ESPYs debuted, and young enough to have thought that they actually meant something when they first came out. The thing is, I didn't have cable at the time; by the time I actually got cable, I was old enough not to care about the ESPYs. Does it affect anything on the field? No. Can anybody name the ESPY-winner for Top Female Athlete in 2002? Was there one?

The ESPYs should have gone the way of ESPN: The Phone a long-time ago. They are just another tool for ESPN to hype their favorite people, teams and products. Seriously, does anybody even watch the ESPYs?

Anyways, the ESPYs are germane to this blog for two reasons:

  • Drew Brees is nominated for the Best NFL Player Award. Even though he will lose (to Manning or LT), I wish him well.
  • The first Monday Night Game against Atlanta is nominated for Best Moment. This actually has a chance to win.

So here is a link the the ESPY site, in case you want to vote. Personally, I'm going to treat this like a Presidential Election and write-in Robert Terwilliger for all of my answers (well the man was mayor). And while Jimmy Kimmell and LeBron James (the same LeBron James who is nominated for about eight awards; classy, ESPN, classy) are stumbling their way through the broadcast, butchering easy jokes and making us yearn for the comfortable awkwardness of the Tony Awards, I'll be enjoying some other program. Like StreetBall.