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It Begins ....

As this post is being published (8 AM EST), the Saints are probably engaged in their first official practice of the 2007 season. Yesterday, the team held their annual conditioning tests, which may be viewed here. No word on the conditioning levels of individual players, but that will become apparent as camp gets into full swing.

These first few practices are largely symbolic--akin to pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training. It's not like missing the first couple of days of training camp will hold anybody back during the regular season. Still, it's nice to have something real to write about. It gives the truly palpable sense that football is just around the corner, eliminates the need to fake it.

In other (kind of) news, Steve Gleason has been officially placed on the injured reserve, meaning that he is finished for the season. Gleason is recovering from microfracture surgery. Although he provided the Saints with their most memorable play from last season, he's a pretty replaceable player on the field. Still, here's wishing him an Amare Stoudemire-like recovery; looking forward to many more blocks. And power-slams that inspire "Thunder" Dan Majerle to exclaim, "Somebody stop this Man-child!"