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Sunday Paper(less)

A few links for your reading pleasure on this fine Sunday afternoon.

  • Marques Colston, speaks softly and catches everything.
  • NOLA's Saints coverage has moved to blog format (brighter, bolder decision) and here are some updates from Mike Triplett's latest posts:
  • Full contact practices: these guys have a long season ahead of them, but there's really only one way to get ready for it. [cliche]These ain't Mike Martz-country club practices; the Saints are getting ready for war[/cliche]
  • Devery Henderson is starting to make a move in the competition for the second-receiver spot. This is absolutely his job to lose, so it's nice to see him seizing it.
  • Neither Tyler Palko nor Jason Fife has looked particularly impressive in the third-quarterback competition.
  • Eric Johnson missed a day with a migrane. This itself isn't a problem, but Johnson seems to be having trouble adjusting to the heat and humidity. Stay tuned,