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Training Camp Update

Let's take a look at what's happening in training camp(s):

  • On Monday, the Saints worked on special teams plays like punt blocks. They also worked on recovering fumbles. Good stuff, it's little things like this that can add a couple of wins onto a team's season.
  • From the same article: the Saints also worked on installing their Red Zone offense. The defensive backfield that they were working against was David, McKenzie, Kaesviharn and Bullocks.
  • Elsewhere, 49ers running back Frank Gore is out for the preseason after breaking his hand. This is really just piling on, isn't it?
  • Isaac Bruce keeps on going. Seriously, that guy has been around forever, but he keeps on putting up 1,000 yard seasons. He's a sure-fire Hall of Famer at this point.
  • Somebody's gonna sign Daunte (might as well be you).
  • I think the entire concept of "Best player never to win a Superbowl" is kind of dumb; it's a team game. With that being said, Paging Mr. McNabb.
  • This whole Michael Strahan quasi-retirement thing has an odd vibe. The thing is, this is Michael Strahan and this is New York, stories like this don't just fly under the radar. How is Michael Strahan just now deciding that he wants to retire?
  • Hey, Vito Stellino, his name is Lester R-icard (not P-icard). Where's your damn copyeditor?