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Hey Tom, You Forgot Something!

As Ashley Morris points out, the Saints' new website forgets an important detail.

Here's a screenshot:

Admittedly, the screenshot is small, but the omission is fairly obvious ....

Quoth Dr. Morris:

Unimpressed with the Saints new website.

Especially unimpressed with the absence of the words "New Orleans" anywhere on the front page of the site.

To be fair, it does say  "Copyright New Orleans Saints 2007" at the bottom of the screen

Having been through most of the individual team websites, I will make two observations:

  • NOBODY prominently displays the name of their home city on their website, but ....
  • EVERYBODY indicates the name of their home city in some form at the top of the page (mostly spelled out, but there are NYs and KCs), save for the Saints.

Given Tom Benson's history with the city, it doesn't take much to set Saints fans off, fairly or otherwise. However, during Tom Benson's history with the city, Saints fans have been righteously indignant far too frequently. As Benson attempts to convince the city of New Orleans and the Louisiana legislature that a new stadium should be built for his team (est. cost: $700 million) , it would be wise for him not to forget small details that show his respect for and commitment to the community.

You know, like including their name at the top of his website.