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Curry Burns ... on the way out

(I've wanted to type a headline like that for YEARS)

I really enjoyed this story by Jimmy Simth of the TP about third-string safety Curry Burns' attempts to make an impression on coaches. Apparently, Burns lit-up Antonio Pittman a couple of times, and was reprimanded by coaches.

The first time it happened, Burns met Pittman head on in a rushing play, a big hit that drew some ooohs and ahhs from the assembled crowd as it sat beneath the broiling Mississippi sun.
The second time it happened, in a goal-line situation, Burns was first upbraided by Coach Sean Payton. Then he got an earful from defensive line coach Marion Hobby.

Not the way Burns wants to make an impression.

This certainly says something about Pittman's place on the team (secure), but I think in the coaches meetings tonight, as they review the tape, they are going to really enjoy these hits.

It may even secure Burns' place on the team.

(oh, and Tandoori Chicken burns even more)