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Training Camp Update: Fun With Blockquotes

Here's what you missed if you weren't in Jackson, MS yesterday:

  • The Saints signed defensive end Scott Scharff to replace Rob Ninkovitch in the defensive end competition. The team also IR'd backup DT Lance Legree, who injured his knee (BOOOOOOO).
  • TP staff writer Jeff Duncan is calling it:  Lance Moore will get the first shot at the kick and punt return duties. Says Duncan:

Officially, it's a wide open competition, but Moore almost always takes the first reps and appears the most talented of the group, excluding Reggie Bush, of course. What's more, Moore is a Payton favorite. The coach has waxed glowingly about him throughout camp.

  • After reading this quotation from the TP about missed opportunities, I'm excited to see Josh Bullocks play this season:

I still think about them. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them. That's why every time I step on the field I attack the ball. As long as I keep attacking the ball and am not afraid of it, then good things are going to happen. We have got to produce more turnovers. We didn't capitalize on our opportunities last year.

Having a playmaker in the secondary would dramatically improve this defense.

  • I'm glad that Fred Thomas is around: his grit, his leadership and his experience make him a valuable guy in the cornerback rotation. But if he wants to blame his struggles from last season on technique and not plain ol' gettin' old, well ... what the heck, I'll buy it. Now that his "technique" is right, I look forward to not seeing him getting burned by younger, bigger, faster receivers.
  • "Reggie Bush is burning to return to action," this headline says. (Must ... fight ... urge ... to ... make ... joke ... about ... Kim ... Kardashian. Oops).
  • Another day, another story on Usama Young. Folks, this guy may be a keeper.
  • From the second item of that story:

"Now we've got (quesedilla and) fajita, and neither one of us have any Hispanic origin, so it's kind of funny,"

Anybody else hungry?