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I Could have Combined these into One Post, but Naaahhhhh

Three posts in one day? Must be trying to filla quota or something.

If you're not familiar with Will Carroll's work from Baseball Prospectus, the Football Outsiders, ESPN, or any of the other places where it appears, well, you should be. From Carroll's Sports Illustrated Fantasy Plus feature:

Jammal Brown protects Drew Brees' backside, and his loss could have been devastating, but an MRI came back negative for ligament damage. The Saints medical staff believes that he bent, but nothing broke, leaving him with nothing worse than a bone bruise. While he's doubtful for this weekend, there's no reason to think that he can't recover by the first real game, meaning you can keep Brees and his receivers up on your boards.

You may have thought you knew this information, but until you saw it said by Will Carroll, you didn't really know it.