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Marques Colston is Good at Catching Stuff

In the interests of fairness, since I posted the Adidas-sponsored Reggie Bush-David Beckham love-in, I feel obligated to post Reebok's Marques Colston ad. I'm not exactly sure what the deal with this campaign is (it has something to do with fantasy football), since I swore off fantasy football last season, after the commissioner of my league -- a league that I paid $50 to join -- scheduled the draft for 11 AM on a Saturday morning. Needless to say, I slept through it and got Chad Johnson and Steve Smith as my number 1 and 2 running backs.

But let this be a lesson to companies: I will be happy to promote your viral videos, provided that you include at least one present (or former) Saint.

(A nice find by the FanHouse)