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More Vicious Rumor, Unsubstantiated Speculation

Yesterday, I speculated that Hollis Thomas could be falling into disfavor with the coaches, perhaps caused by his seeming inability to get his weight to an acceptable level, and evinced by his apparent demotion to the second-string defensive tackle spot. This was, of course, unsubstantiated speculation.

Now comes the vicious rumor part: From the Denver Post, comes the story that the Broncos would like to divest themselves of Gerard Warren, with the Saints rumored to be one of the suitors. Post Staff Writer Bill Williamson explains:

If a trade is not completed by today, it appears Warren will not accompany the Broncos to Dallas tonight and he could be cut, though the team will hold out for a trade. The Broncos practice with the Cowboys this week before playing Saturday's preseason game at Texas Stadium. Warren was held back in Denver when the Broncos flew to San Francisco on Sunday because of the trade talks.

Warren is being shopped because he doesn't fit the team's new two-gap scheme used by Jim Bates, the assistant head coach in charge of defense.

[Broncos head coach Mike] Shanahan said the reason to trade Warren is because he thought the defensive front was "10 deep."

It wouldn't make much sense for the Saints to trade for Warren, since he is barely a season into a six-year, $36 million contract. But should the Broncos decide to cut Warren, he would certainly add depth to the Saints' defensive tackle rotation, and could represent a younger alternative to Thomas. He may be worth pursuing.