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Blogroll Updatin'

Anybody who exists exclusively in the past must be dead, right? I mean, if they only exist in the past, and not in the present or future, that must mean that technically they have no present or future, since their present and future will always be the past. Hence they can't be alive, at least not if the criteria for being alive involve having a present and future. And those who aren't alive must be dead right?

Well anyways, we've all seen Napoleon Dynamite and we all know that if Uncle Rico built a time machine, he was going straight to the past. But Uncle Rico didn't build a time machine, he built a blog. And a damn funny one at that. And what's it named? Uncle Rico's Time Machine.

So anyways, I've been long overdue in putting a link to Uncle Rico's Time Machine on the blogroll and to make up for it, I put him directly below the Saintsations. Because for some reason, it seemed like Uncle Rico would have wanted it that way.