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Paper Bags: They Aren't Just for Wearing

(They're also good when you're hyperventilating)

First, some injury notes, following the Saints' third preseason game (of five):

  • Marques Colston underwent a second MRI on his right knee. The test revealed no structural damage, though the receiver is unsure whether he will play against Kansas City on Thursday. Colston says that he began to experience pain in the knee following the first preseason game against Pittsburgh:

Something has been going on since Pittsburgh ... That's when it first occurred. I've just been trying to push through it and push through it, but I just kind of have to see the big picture. If this was the regular season, I'd be able to play, but I think the coaches just want to take precautionary (measures) and keep me out. --  (Times Picayune)

  • Also on the injury front, Mark Simoneau wouldn't give any details about his knee injury, but noted that his status was "day-by-day."

The Saints' Monday practice was cancelled due to ... Chesney? Last week, Sean Payton told the team (item 3) that he would cancel practice if Kenny Chesney could cleanly field a punt. When Chesney did, he acquired about 75 new superfans.

Advocate sportswriter Sheldon Mickles released his projection of the Saints' 53-man roster. Interestingly, he sees Palko winning the 3rd-string QB job and Marvin Mitchell making the team as a special teams beast.

Defense on par with offense? Ummm, no. The offense is as good as any in the game; the defense has forced exactly one turnover this calendar year (5 games). They're not there yet.