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Wednesday Blog-a-riffic Salmagundi

Part I

  • Scott Fujita, Jeff Faine and Mark Simoneau are expected to play tomorrow. Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, Jammal Brown and Brian Young will miss the game because of their respective injuries. Jason David will miss the game to attend the birth of his first child.
  • From the same story: Each of the Saints made their target weight, except for Hollis Thomas. Said Sean Payton:

Hollis was a little bit over, but he's getting there [. ...] He's moving in the right direction.

  • The Saints waived three players (5th item): QB Matt Baker, C Jake Kuresa and G Nik Sobic.
  • Larry Johnson, who ended his extended holdout yesterday, will not play on Thursday.

Part II

Michael David Smith, whose inspired work appears all over the internet, including the FanHouse and the Football Outsiders, explores the idea that Michael Vick could return to the NFL at another position:

He understands the passing game and how to read coverages, and lots of speedy quarterbacks switch to receiver successfully. And maybe he could use his open-field skills with the ball in his hands to return punts and kickoffs.

Right now, Vick stands at about 6'0", weighs about 210 lb. and runs 40-yards in about 4.3 seconds. Should he emerge from prison at roughly the same size, and with the same physical capabilities, and if he attempts to return as a running back or receiver, the player he would perhaps most closely resemble is Reggie Bush. Both are about the same size, with the same physical capabilities. In three years, when Vick seems likely to return, I would still take Reggie Bush.