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Stuff that you Should be Paying Attention to

A jumble of miscellaneous Friday stuff.

  • Saturday morning at 11:40 EST, I'll be talking Saints on 1570, The Zone, the finest radio station in the greater Louisville area. On their website, they have options to listen live or to archived podcasts, so you really have no excuse for not checking it out. I don't want to speak with any hubris, but this promises to be 8-10 minutes of interviewage that will change American sports talk-radio for the better. I'm kidding, of course. In fact, I'm so nervous about this interview that my hands are literally shaking while I type this. Boom! goes the dynamite.
  • Have David Patten and Jason Craft thrown themselves in the mix for starting roles? I'm of the opinion that both should see significant time as reserves, but that they don't represent an upgrade over their younger competition. And in my book, ties should go to youth. So Colston, Henderson and David.
  • According to NFL Network's Adam Schefter, and courtesy of two trustworthy sources (this one and this one), Hollis Thomas may be on the verge of being released. Of course, when you search for "Hollis Thomas Cut," you get this eminently trustworthy article, and that's all. Personally, I don't think the Saints have the depth at defensive tackle to release Thomas, so I'm thinking that Schefter's scoop was floated to light a fire under Thomas. He's been struggling with his weight all preseason, so it's not the worst thing in the world to give him a little extra motivation to get it under control. Play hungry, if you know what I mean.
  • Jason Whitlock's national column is back, now appearing at Fox Sports. Awesome.