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Cut Day #1: To Catch a Punt

Some Saints-related news & notes following a brief respite from bloggery:

  • The team trimmed their roster to the required 75-player limit. Included in the cuts were 4th-string quarterback Jason Fife, running back Jamal Jones and punter Chris Hanson (details here and here. The Hanson cut is the most disappointing, since it ends all possibilities of a season of obvious "To Catch a Predator" jokes. [Frown]
  • Because the Saints aren't putting much emphasis on Thursday's game, neither will I. There will be a post tomorrow, and a gameday post, but don't expect much coverage unless something remarkable happens.
  • A puff-piece on Lance Moore who has, without question, been the star of the preseason,
  • From that same article, Jammal Brown has resumed practicing. Hooray!

Finally, in honor of cut day, a short video from a show that you may have seen a time or two: