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Who Dat?

CSC has been getting quite a bit of traffic from several different sources, including Deadspin and Cajun Boy in the City, so I wanted to extend a hearty welcome to anybody who may have recently discovered this site (and a thanks to anybody who has linked us). This is a blog dedicated to our New Orleans Saints, a place where people can come for news, views, laughs and arguments. SB Nation is the largest network of independent bloggers around, a conglomeration of talented writers (and me) who passionately love their teams. And, writers being writers, they're naturally going to write about their passions.

But this isn't my rodeo.

This is a place where Saints fans have a voice. Through commenting and diaries (click here for more information on diaries), YOU are given the opportunity to engage in a fun, meaningful discussion about the Saints. You will, of course, need a screenname, but all that requires is an e-mail address. There is absolutely no spam involved, either.

This will be a community of fans, loosely organized around their love (or hatred) for the Saints. This isn't a pollyannaish temple of worship (like E! SPN) and it's not a snarkily cynical barrage of insults. I call 'em like I see 'em; there's certainly a time and place for both positivity and negativity, and I will provide plenty of both. People always speak of our sites as being akin to bars, where fans come to watch the game together (I will explain gameday threads on Sunday) and discuss their favorite team. Think of this as an online version of Bruno's. The old one (of course), minus the free food.

So belly up, let me have it. Order anything you want, as long as it's not a "Wild Night at the Capri Motel" (sorry to mix specialty-drink metaphors, but those are illegal).

Now that I've declared my allegiances to two defunct bars (let's make it three ... BUTLER'S!), let's continue.