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Preseason Game #5: Saints vs. Dolphins

After four exhibtion games, including old-fashioned beatings of Kansas City and Cincinnati, it's hard to see what the Saints need to prove. Clearly, the coaches feel that way also, since they will rest most of the starters tonight. Still, the Saints franchise will play a game tonight and there will be some interesting storylines to follow. I defer to my SB Nation colleague Matty, AKA the Phinsider

Cam Cameron said it best when he said that Thursday night's game in New Orleans will be the biggest game of some of these players' lives.  Why is that?  It's simple.  They're playing for their NFL career, whether it's with the Dolphins or some other team whose attention they grab.

So yeah, Pierre Thomas will have a substantial cheering section tonight. And afterwards, we can ask this cheering section how Christmas was with young Pierre. Because, you know, they're all members of his family. But as for the rest of the team, and for this loose cannon of a blogger, this is essentially a bye.

Get your Saints Soothsayer Gameday Challenge picks in before kickoff, if you're brave enough to play during this forgotten week.