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Canonizing Renaldo Wynn

The recently canonized Renaldo Wynn. (Image: Tracy A. Woodward -- The Washington Post)
(Not to be confused with cannonizing)

In an effort to add depth to their defensive line rotation, the Saints signed ten-year veteran Renaldo Wynn, formerly of the Washington Redskins and Jacksonville Jaguars. Wynn has played the bulk of his career at strongside defensive end -- where he will slot in behind Charles Grant -- but the 6'3", 296-pound Wynn is strong enough to sub in the defensive tackle rotation as well. In 2006, Wynn logged 15 tackles and 1 run stuff. During his NFL career, the Notre Dame alumnus has accrued 308 tackles, 21.5 sacks and 26 stuffs. He has also proven himself exceptionally durable: since 2002, Wynn has appeared in 79 of his team's 80 games, including 64 starts. ESPN's Len Pasquarelli notes that Wynn is respected because of his professionalism and leadership skills. Due to an interesting clause in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, because Wynn was signed after the first regular season game, his one-year contract will not be guaranteed. But due to the troubling lack of depth on the Saints' defensive line, should Wynn play effectively, he will certainly play-out the contract.

Renaldo Wynn hails from the southside of Chicago, the son of a mailman and a teacher. Off the field, his interests include movies and restoring old cars; he considers himself a "Chevrolet guy" and counts a 1958 Impala among his prized possessions. Wynn is also actively involved in his community: his "Adopt a Child" charity provides Christmas presents to underprivileged children.