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Tuesday's Important Reading

Some Saints-related news and notes this rainy Tuesday afternoon:

  • The season's first edition of the Football Outsiders' DVOA rankings was released. Unsurprisingly, the Saints fared pretty poorly. Check back after Week 3, when there is some data to analyze.
  • CBS Sportsline's Gred Doyle ripped into Reggie Bush. Reggie had a bad game, but it's far-too-early to be criticizing him like this. Steven Jackson is far more valuable to his team than Reggie Bush, and nobody is criticizing him after he fumbled twice in ths Rams' loss to Carolina.
  • This just in ... the Patriots are cheaters.
  • If you enjoy drinking wine, check out this site, where they are hocking a "Drew Brees Vintage Chardonnay," with the proceeds going to charity. There is also a "Cajun Cannon Cabernet," named for Bobby Hebert, whose Fourth of July fireworks shows command respect.
  • Finally, to anybody currently serving abroad in our armed forces who may come across this blog, come home safely. We appreciate your sacrifices, and thank you.