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Saints Rank #25 in NFL in Forbes' Franchise Valuations

Forbes Magazine has released their annual ranking of NFL team valuations. As usual, the Dallas Cowboys come out number one, followed by the Redskins and Patriots. The Saints finished 25th, but their one-year value change (by percent) is second to Dallas (who announced a new stadium). According to Forbes, the team also ranks eleventh in operating income, with a total of $25.2 million.

Forbes pegs the Saints' value at 854 million, with $194 million in revenue and $118 million in player expenses. Also worth checking out is this video, featuring Forbes' Senior Editor Mike Ozanian, debating the Saints' future in New Orleans. It's nothing you've never heard, but they have a positive outlook.

After all that, check out this video of Zab Judah getting cheated in dice (and getting even).

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