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Answer the Buc'in Question!

If you've been to more than one SB Nation site, you know that the layout of each site is essentially the same. It's up to the individual bloggers to add their own personal flair to their site (hint: CSC looks best when viewed in Safari). With that being said, Jerry Scott's Buc 'Em is definitely the best-looking site of the bunch. Let's use the metaphor of cars: we all start out with a sensible, non-descript model. Buc' Em has a two-tone Buccaneer Red and Bronze paint scheme, 22" spinning platinum rims, Corinthian leather seats, Lamborghini doors and Captain Fear stencilled on the hood. All tastefully done, of course. Jerry's also a hell of a blogger and a damn funny guy.

Jerry was nice enough to trade a few questions with me regarding tomorrow's Saints-Bucs game. Be sure to check out Buc 'Em for my answers to his questions.

  • Last week, the Saints' offensive line struggled with the quickness of the Colts' defensive line. Which member(s) of the Bucs' defensive line should the Saints be worried about?

Seeing how the Bucs registered all of TWO sacks last week and one of those went to a Safety, I'm not going on a limb by saying you shouldn't have to worry about anybody on our defensive line: Kevin Carter is OLD, Hovan is slowed up (injuries? already? sheesh), Spires (actually has the other sack, YIPPIE), Gaines Adams (not on the field enough, say what?). The Seahawks do have a very good offensive line however and well so do the Saints or so it seems. Worry? I wouldnt.

  • Will we see Cadillac Williams on Sunday?

He's saying his ribs feel great; translation: He'll play sunday, until Scott Fujita or someone of that ilk hits him square in the bread basket. Caddy said he's gonna wear extra padding but not opt for the flap jacket, because it may hinder his ball carrying skills. With our line play and lack of Wide Receivers (so you've noticed) Caddy should wear all the padding he can. I'd wear nostril pads if I were he, because this season could be brutal "hits" wise.

  • Jeff Garcia, Bruce Gradkowski, Chris Simms ... with this group of receivers, does the quarterback even matter? How are the Bucs going to move the ball through the air?

Once the Receivers realize they can break their routes and run back to Jeff Garcia when he prolongs a play with his feet (which felt like every play last sunday), this team will be hard pressed to move the ball through the air. Granted Garcia hit Galloway for a 49 yard reception last week, BUT that was the only nice pass reception other than a Hilliard over the middle job. 2 nice catches out of 27 Passes isnt good. The bad thing about a QB who likes to use his feet is that he really puts added pressure-work on his offensive line, which in turn makes the hog-mollies tire quicker = Not Good.

  • Given what we now know, it's safe to say that the "trade" for Jon Gruden was the classic case of mortgaging the future for present success. To wit, in the 2002 NFL Draft, the Patriots took Daniel Graham at 21, originally the Bucs' pick. Still on the board were Ed Reed and Lito Sheppard, both Pro Bowlers. In 2003, the Raiders drafted solid-but-unspectacular Tyler Brayton with the 32nd pick, again Tampa's original pick, but Pro Bowlers Rashean Mathis, Anquan Boldin and Osi Umenyiora were drafted soon-after.  Was it worth it? Was there a lesser-name coach available who would have led the team to the Super Bowl without costing so much? If you are running the Bucs, do you make this "trade" again?

First of all, it was absolutely worth it. The entire roster we had deserved that Super Bowl Championship, it's a shame Warrick Dunn wasn't along for the ride, but it was certainly worth it. We had a unit offensively and defensively that had, had so many spectacular moments together but it would happen in separate games (obviously it was the defense shining more often than not). But they both came to play in that final Playoff stretch and I wouldn't trade anything for it. I'm a Florida State Seminoles Fan and Alumni and would give me left --- to have Anquan line-up at wide out, but theres nothing better than a Super Bowl Championship.

I think that lesser named Coach was Tony Dungy believe it or not. I don't care what anybody says, we could have had Charlie "Freakin" Brown coach us that season and we still would have won the Super Bowl. We were destined for that Championship. Any Tampa fan would tell you so.

I absolutely HATE bagging on Head Coach Jon Gruden, because look at the personnel he's had to work with and all of the ridiculous amounts of injuries. Its hard to honestly judge him, other than his uncanny stubbornness to implement the Shot-Gun (which he is now doing, to Chris Simms shock). If I were the Bucs I would do the trade again …..

The Fan Base who was around for the Cream-Sickle years and Stuck-It-Out deserved that Championship. Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, and Ronde Barber among others on a Classy Defense deserved that Championship. To this day I'm tickled to death that they were able to feel that magic that is Winning the Superbowl, it couldn't of happened to a better group of guys (seems like everyone says that, but its true).

  • I went drinking at a bar in Ybor and bodybuilder David Boston was there. At some point, I think I may have picked up his drink, because I don't remember much of the night, until waking up the next morning in a dumpster with a raging hangover [/rimshot]. Seriously though, why would anybody voluntarily give himself the date-rape drug? Assuming it was to help in his bodybuilding career, shouldn't he just have gone and found the local BALCO, you know, since he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars? What do Bucs fans think about this guy's recent travails?

I don't understand what would drive any athlete with such ability to throw it all away. We see it time and time again. I think Bucs Fans knew this day would come. We were all quiet this off-season about Boston being aboard once again, to all the Gruden "He looks good" quotes, and to the idea that the guy would be our #2 Receiver. You just knew deep down this guy was gonna screw up and sure enough on the eve of starting opposite Seattles defense, the guy gets caught ON TAPE under the influence. Like the Jake Plummer situation, it's a topic I stayed very far away from, because it seems to be an endless cycle of let downs and uncertainty. Thanks for bringing the issue up Sunil, way to go Debbie Downer!!!

Thanks for the Questions brother. I can't wait to rub in the TAMPA BAY BUCS ass whipping you guys are gonna take Sunday …… Bucs 28 Saints 17 Hoo-Rah!


Many thanks to Jerry for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to visit Buc 'Em, to inform him of your predictions.