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Caution: May Contain Link-Like Substance

Some reading to get you through the Tuesday doldrums.

  • How the Saints are coping. It's interesting to read about Sean Payton's post-game speech. He didn't upbraid the players; quite the opposite, he calmly told them to look in the mirror.
  • Click here if you want to buy LaDainian Tomlinson's truck (no joke).
  • Maybe the Saints should do this dance before games (Bonus: Actual footage of Tulane football success ... it did exist).
  • After reading this does the "I didn't know that was in my supplement" defense become slightly more reasonable for anybody else?

Olindo Mare has converted 1 of three field goals this season, after a shaky preseason. Should the Saints find themselves embroiled in a close game, points will undoubtedly be at a premium. It may behoove them to have an automatic kicker, even if they must sacrifice some range to get him. Mare is good on the kickoffs, but perhaps it's time to bring in somebody else, even if it's just to light a fire under Olindo.

Just a thought.