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The Last Cut is the Deepest

The Saints trimmed their roster to the league-mandated 53-player-limit today, and in doing so released their third-string quarterback and fourth-round pick.

Tyler Palko was the final quarterback standing from a position battle that included, at various points, both Jason Fife and Matt Baker. None of the three was particularly impressive this preseason, at least on a consistent basis. What's more, the team navigated last season with only Drew Brees and Jamie Martin on the depth chart, so there's reason to believe that carrying only two quarterbacks is possible.

Also included in the cuts were running back Antonio Pittman, the team's fourth-round pick, and Chris Reis. Pittman also failed to impress coaches, and by the end of camp was clearly behind undrafted free agent Pierre Thomas on the depth chart.

Reis may be the most troubling cut. A second-year safety from Georgia Tech, Reis showed a knack for making plays both on special teams and in the defensive secondary. On a team that is starved for playmakers, Reis showed an impressive, developable skillset. Of the three, the team would do the best to add Reis' name to the practice squad.

By the way, Pittman doesn't count as a wasted pick, since Thomas' presence mitigates the loss, and since they didn't spend a pick on Thomas. They still got a rookie running back, and for the cost of a fourth-round pick. It's just a different guy than they actually picked.