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Galactic Saint: An Interview with Stanton Moore

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Galactic's annual Lundi Gras concert at Tipitina's is one of the lesser-known New Orleans traditions, but that doesn't mean that it's not celebrated. Beginning at midnight, the show often lasts until 7 AM, releasing its charged, vibrant crowd just-in-time to score prime parade-viewing territory. Galactic's music is -- without question -- a fine testament to the style and spirit of New Orleans. And the heartbeat of Galactic is drummer Stanton Moore.

Stanton Moore is a native New Orleanian who has gone on to achieve worldwide fame, but still finds time to return to his hometown to play small, intimate clubs like the Maple Leaf. In a career that has spanned nearly two-decades, he has played with an eclectic group of musicians and achieved considerable fame as a solo artist. Mr. Moore is also a Saints fan. Even when he's on the road, he finds time to support the Saints, to show his spirit and to represent his home. Mr. Moore was kind enough to answer a few questions about his love of the Saints and what they mean to the city of New Orleans.

  • How long have you been a Saints fan? Since the hurricane, have you found your ties to the team strengthened? Has it changed what the Saints mean to you?

Being born in New Orleans I've always been aware of the Saints but I've become more of a fan in recent years.  Since the hurricane I (and I imagine most people who live in New Orleans) have been rooting for the team.  The Saints do mean more to me now, as does a lot of what New Orleans has to offer.

  • Do you have any favorite Saints-related memories that you would be willing to share, from the past year or otherwise? Any memorable games, players or experiences?

I remember playing during halftime with the Brother Martin marching band for the Saints' first-ever playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings.  That was a thrill. This past year, Galactic was in Jacksonville and we were all watching the playoff game against the Eagles at a giant sports bar with movie theatre size screens.  Some young agro philly fans were getting in our, and all the Saints fans' faces every time Philly made some headway.  It was great to watch their spirits crumble towards the end.  The topper was, as we were leaving,  they were outside and I guess they had mouthed off to the cops because they were being arrested just outside the bar.

  • What does the success of the Saints mean to the city of New Orleans? What has the team come to symbolize for the community?

The Saints' success is a great morale lifter for the city.  As the team has strengthened, it has given hope to the community during the rebuilding process.

  • I'm sure that the readers would love to hear any other opinions, predictions, etc about the upcoming season that you would like to share.

We're just looking forward to watching and enjoying the games and wishing the team a great season!