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Friday Evening? Who posts on Friday Evenings?

A few non-stats-based observations:

  • (I lied) Two games, zero sacks and counting. It's time for the Saints' defensive line to create presure on Vince Young.
  • Tennessee plays less Tampa 2 than the Saints' previous two opponents and more straight man-to-man, but according to this article, that's not something that the Saints see as an advantage. Despite the fact that the offense moves the ball better against non-Tampa 2 defenses, it scores more points and it seems generally crisper, the Saints don't believe that they are weaker against teams that play primarily Tampa 2 coverages.
  • In that same vein, the Titans will key on the Saints' run game. This would be a great week for Drew Brees and the passing game to work their play-action passing game.
  • The struggles of Devery Henderson have been troubling, but just as troubling is Robert Meachem's inability to reach the playing field. Sean Payton must use whoever gives his team the best chance to win, but Meachem was a first-round pick with all of the requisite talents and expectations. As a young player, he will only improve if he continues to see playing time. It's too early to tell, but would the team have been better served by taking somebody else in the draft?
  • Could Deuce's right knee soreness be related to his 2005 ACL surgery? Let's hope not. For now, the team is treating his injury with a time-tested remedy: rest.
  • Ray Boudreaux, you've brought disgrace upon Tulane Football. And that's saying something.