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Sorting out the thoughts

My thoughts are all disjointeds ... can't string coherents:

  • Deuce is out for the year. Torn ACL in his left knee. Pierre Thomas, time to take off the diaper.
  • Mae's caught fire last night. Universe, that's really just piling on.
  • When I think back to all the times that I lost a shoe during a night of partying, they always involved enough alcohol to kill a horse. My point: Cinderella must've had a massive hangover. So do the Saints.
  • When they buried last season's awards, I thought it was to put it in the past, not because their success was dead.
  • For the first time in the past two seasons, Sean Payton looked like the moment got to him. I understand the logic in going for that fourth down, but with the line playing that poorly, it may not have been a great time for recklessness. But if he was successful, we're probably calling him a genius today.
  • In general, the time management was atrocious.
  • At least Mare didn't miss a kick.
  • If they were a pitcher, I would think somebody was stealing their signs. Maybe they should change the defensive signals, just to be sure.