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Quarterpole Grades: Running Backs

With the season in its fourth week, and with the natural lull due to the bye-week, I thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and run some quarterpole grades. As always, your comments are welcomed.

When I bought my cellphone, it came with one of the small strips of cellophane covering the screen. Not wanting the screen to scratch, I kept the cellophane on for as long as possible, going so far as to chastise the people who -- naturally -- wanted to peel it. I won't lie, when somebody finally peeled it off, it hurt me; it hurt me bad. I guess I just wanted to keep it new for as long as possible, to hold tight to that feeling one gets when unwrapping a new toy.

In some ways, Reggie Bush has been covered with cellophane for the past 20 games. Sure, the Saints have used him as part of their offense -- just as I used my cellophane-covered cellphone. But now that Deuce is injured, it's time to completely unwrap Reggie Bush. It's time to see what he's fully capable of.

I heard Sean Payton on Stephen A. Smith's show today; he said 15-18 runs/game for Reggie and several catches. He seems to think it will be good or him. I'm inclined to agree.

Full disclosure: I gave the runners a C. If the line was a D, the runners couldn't be an F, the relationship is too closely linked. But it's not like they've been getting it done either.

Attempts Yards Average Catches Yards Rec. Avg. TDs
McAllister 24 92 3.8 4 15 3.8 0
Bush 29 80 2.8 16 70 4.4 2
Stecker 5 27 5.4 4 34 8.5 0
Karney 4 12 3 2 5 2.5 0