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You Gambled on Tulane? Are you Daft?

Wake me when it's Sunday.

Being a Tulane alum, I regard my school's football team with a certain amount of cynicism. While I was there, they lost every game that I attended, and I attended quite a few. So around my junior year, I stopped following Tulane football. Sure, I'd check in once in a while, to see how they were faring against their mediocre opposition and to see Outkast play at half time (no Big Boi, Andre played Hey Ya twice). Always seeing them in -- or near -- last place, I would find myself suitably disenchanted with college football (buncha damn semi-pros anyways) and would turn my attention back to more important things (pictured).

But that doesn't mean that I don't represent.

Sure, my school spirit seems to coincide perfectly with baseball season, but that doesn't mean that I can't do foolish, ridiculous things in honor of huge games that my school will be playing. And while I can't name five players who currently play for Tulane football (ummm ... Ray Boudreaux, the Scelfo kid, Matt Forte), I'm perfectly willing to bet some fellow bloggers, the good people who run SB Nation's LSU blog And The Valley Shook, on the result of this game. At stake: posts on our respective blogs. So, to the Tulane football team, I wish a hearty godspeed. For although you will be playing in your home stadium, it will be decidedly hostile. And to the LSU athletic department, I wish a great deal of thanks. Because you're funding our athletic department for the next year. And our craptastic teams are totally worth not having an engineering school.

Seriously, I'm not betting on Tulane as much as I'm betting that LSU won't be able to cover a 40-point spread.

Strange, I've never been so nervous about getting 40 points before. ...