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Saturday Morning Rumormonger

Please note, all opinions expressed in Saturday Morning Rumormonger are complete fabrications. But it would be awesome if they came true.

It's the longshot of all longshots, but if the Falcons decide to do something foolish in the next several weeks -- something like trading Hall -- the Saints should be willing to beat any offer, even one including a first-round pick. Hall is a special player entering the prime of his career and he would stabilize the Saints' largest defensive weakness for years-to-come.

  • More likely, however, would be a trade for Minnesota's Antoine Winfield. From the sound of it, the Vikings are looking for a receiver or a first-day pick in return. Would Devery Henderson and a 3rd get it done?

Two Things I think I know:

  1. The Saints really need help in their secondary.
  1. The trade deadline is Week 6.