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Week 6: Know Who You're Rooting For

Let's take a look at all of the other games going on around the league this week and see which teams we need to win and lose in order to be most beneficial for the Saints.

Chicago @ Atlanta

We start things off with a no-brainer. While I'm sure we have all grown to hate Chicago over the years, a Bears win this week would definitely help things out for the Saints.

Root for: Chicago

Miami @ Houston

Houston is the 2007 version of the 2006 Dolphins. They haven't put a W in the win column yet this year. Not too much to worry about here so to be kind, let's all pull for the Texans to finally win one.

Root for: Houston

Baltimore @ Indianapolis

There is a lot of history behind this game what with the whole team stealing in the middle of the night thing. Who would have thought at the beginning of this season that these teams would have the same 2-2 record heading into this game? Feel free to root for whoever you want in this one.

Root for: You decide

Detroit @ Minnesota

A battle between two NFC North teams. Detroit is so pathetic and with the loss to the Vikings still fresh in my mind I hope the Lions get thrown a bone this week. Maybe the Vikings will lose on a blown facemask call? That would be sweet.

Root for: Detroit

Cincinnati @ NY Jets

Two bad AFC teams face off in this one. The Bengals haven't won a game yet. In the hopes that a Jets loss will mean less Brett Favre talk it would be nice to see the Bengals get their first W.

Root for: Cincinnati

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

This is probably the most important game this week for Saints fans other than our own. Is it possible for both of them to lose? We need Tampa to pull this one out though so the Panthers don't pull too far ahead into first place. A Tampa win puts them both at 4-2. If the Saints win they will only be one game back.

Root for: Tampa Bay

St. Louis @ Washington

A St. Louis win would be pretty unexpected but pretty cool too. The mainstream media has been all over Washington this week as serious playoff contenders. They may be right. A loss to a Haslett coached Rams team ought to take them down a peg.

Root for: St. Louis

Jacksonville @ Denver

Yet more AFC on AFC action in Colorado. The Broncos are 4-1 and, oh yeah, they beat the Saints a few weeks ago so even though it doesn't really matter too much I'm rooting for for the Jags.

Root for: Jacksonville

Dallas @ Arizona

It's a fact that a lot of Saints fans hate Dallas. At the beginning of the season the Saints and Cowboys were heavy favorites to go to the NFC Championship game. For the most part the Cowboys have been living up to their end. We should all go for Arizona this week.

Root for: Arizona

Philadelphia @ San Francisco

Both teams bring a 2-3 record into the game. While the Saints could be fighting for a wild card spot with either of these two teams at the end of the season, Philadelphia seems a more likely candidate for that to happen. A San Francisco win would probably be better for Saints fans in this one. This one was tough.

Root for: San Francisco

Green Bay @ Seattle

The Packers could potentially be another impediment to the wild card at the end of the season. So could Seattle, who have not been doing well this season and usually win their division outright. The Pack are 2-3 and the Seahawks are 1-3. A Seattle win would even things out a bit.

Root for: Seattle

New England @ San Diego

Two AFC teams. This one doesn't have too much of an effect on the Saints at this point. Since the Saints have to face San Diego in a couple of weeks, go Pats!

Root for: New England

NY Giants @ Cleveland

Easy one here. Always pull for an AFC to beat an NFC team. Especially when that NFC is the undefeated Giants. It's not looking good but hopefully the Browns pull out a win.

Root for: Cleveland