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Raiders @ Saints: Breaking It Down - The Second Half

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. It's time for part deux of our Raiders/Saints breakdown. Honestly, this game was over by the beginning of the fourth quarter. Not too much to write home about for this half. Let's see how the Saints put this one away.


Third Quarter

The Raiders start off the half with a three and out. The Saints defense does a great job stopping the run. Kendrick Clancy puts a hard hit on Fargas trying to go up the middle. On third down Jason David is tight in coverage and makes a nice play on the ball. I didn't realize JD had such a solid game.

Saints First Drive - (11 plays, 55 yards, 5:46, Touchdown)

  • How many times are the announcers going to discuss Sean Payton's advice to Reggie and Reggie's subsequent decision to stay and work hard in New Orleans with the team this offseason?
  • Stecker reminds us of his existence by making a nice 8 yard reception and run for the touchdown.
  • Although it wasn't as long or didn't eat up as much clock as the great drive in the first half, don't be fooled. This one was pretty good too. Actually it was darn good. In fact, this drive would have been literally perfect if DeAngelo Hall didn't break up a pass to Moore. Bush and McAllister combined for 26 yards on 5 carries and Brees threw for 29 yards. Ya see kids...that's called a balanced offense. Nice freakin' work!

On the third play of the Raiders drive Jason David jumps the route and makes a sweet interception. Just wow. Has the lightbulb finally turned on? Has the switch finally flipped? Have the roosters finally come home Jason David finally the good cornerback we thought we were getting last season!? How flippin' awesome would that be? I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself here so let's see what happens this week but until then...nice work Mr. David...nice work.

The Saints take over from the 17 yard line and only need two plays to score. Drew checks down a few receivers before deciding on Bush, who runs the ol' pick and roll using the referee and runs into the end zone. Game over.


Raiders Third Drive - (8 plays, 25 yards, 3:30, Punt )

  • Vilma makes a huge hit on McFadden going through the middle. Man I like this guy.
  • Not too much action on this drive just more solid defensive play from the Saints, forcing the Raiders to punt it away.

Saints Third Drive - (7 plays, 65 yards, 3:17, Field Goal)

  • The drive starts off with two McAllister runs for 4 yards each followed by a play action pass deep to Devery Henderson for 51 yards. Is that not what I said I wanted to see? I like it, I like it.
  • The Saints follow these three nice plays by pulling Deuce and going with Reggie on a run and what appears to be a busted screen to Reggie. Whatever happened to the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Late in the game and Deuce is running the ball well. Why not keep giving it to him, let him get into a rhythm and eat some clock? The Saints have to settle for a field goal. 

Fourth Quarter


The Raiders run four plays before Bobby McCray gets to JaMarcus Russell and knocks the ball loose. Kendrick Clancy recovers.

Following 4 plays of their own, including a Lance Moore 27 yard reception that Brees incredibly squeezes through coverage, the Saints put up a final touchdown on the board courtesy of a Brees to Campbell connection.


Raiders Fifth Drive - (12 plays, 44 yards, 4:38, Downs)

  • The Raiders take to the air on this drive out of desperation. Russell throws 10 times out of 12 plays.
  • Bullocks drops another sure interception. The Saints will need to capitalize on those opportunities if they want to be able to close the door on better opponents.
  • Russell overthrows yet another receiver, this time Lelie in the end zone. The Saints had double coverage on him with McKenzie and Bullocks but Lelie still outruns them and most likely would have made the catch for the score had the pass been accurate. Oh well.
  • On fourth down the Raiders decide to go for it and Schilens is wide open for the score but, shockingly, Russell overthrows him. Jason David gets totally burned by a double move while looking in the backfield and is five yards behind Schilens. I take back what I said earlier about JD.

The rest of the game is just filler. At one point Deuce makes a nice run by moving a rugby scrum 8 yards. Usama Young comes out and makes a nice break  up. McCray gets another sack. The Saints have the luxury of putting out Brunell to finish the game.