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Week 7: Know Who You're Rooting For

There are quite a few games this week that actually have no effect on the outcome of the Saints season. Let's take a look at all of the week 7 games though and also check out the NFC standings up to this point.

San Diego @ Buffalo

The outcome of this game doesn't matter so much as the physical toll it takes on the Saints upcoming opponents, the Chargers.

Root For: A long, hard-hitting game that takes away the Chargers will to win.

Minnesota @ Chicago

Chicago and Minnesota both have the same record in the same division. I think the best choice here would be Chicago. In the event the Saints are fighting for a wildcard with either of these teams it would be better if it were with the Bears. Having beaten us already the Vikings would win the head-to-head tiebreaker. We can still beat Chicago.

Root For: Chicago

Tennessee @ Kansas City

This game really has no effect on the Saints playoff chances. Feel free to enjoy this game by rooting for whichever team you would like. If you're interested in seeing a team continue to be undefeated and not have to worry about its effect on the Saints then feel free to pull for the Titans.

Root For: You decide

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

Again, this winner of this game has no bearing on the Saints playoff chances. The poor Bengals haven't won a game yet. Feel free to root for either more misery for the Bengals or a last claw at desperation.

Root For: You decide

Baltimore @ Miami

Yet another insignificant game in the grand scheme of things for the Saints. Just boring old AFC on AFC action here.

Root For: You decide

San Francisco @ NY Giants

The Niners don't pose any threat to the Saints. A Giants loss would bring them to 4-2 and bring everything that much closer in the NFC. I know the Eli fans might disagree.

Root For: San Francisco

Dallas @ St. Louis

Personally, I'm not a Haslett fan. I'm also not spiteful and/or vindictful so I guess I can wish the guy the best. It's always good to root for the underdog anyway. Besides, I rather enjoy watching the Cowboys season blow up in their face. Okay...maybe I am spiteful and vindictful.

Root For: St. Louis

Detroit @ Houston

AFC over NFC always. Regardless if it's Detroit and they pose absolutely no threat.

Root For: Houston

Indianapolis @ Green Bay

Again, an NFC loss to an AFC team is always good for the Saints.

Root For: Indianapolis

NY Jets @ Oakland

Much like seeing the Cowboys implode this season, I get great joy watching the three ring circus that is the Oakland Raiders franchise. If the Raiders lose this week who knows who their coach will be in week 8. Maybe it will be Al David himself. Am I sick?

Root For: Jets

Cleveland @ Washington

That fact that we want an AFC team to beat an NFC team is obvious. Washington has been a media darling the last two weeks and viewed as a serious threat. A second straight loss this week would take the air out of that tire real quick.

Root For: Cleveland

Seattle @ Tampa Bay

No brainer here. A Tampa Bay loss and a Saints win would make everyone about even in the division and should mean the Saints get to move up in the standings. This is the game to keep your eye on this weekend. Go Seahawks!

Root For: Seattle

Denver @ New England

Some of you may still be bitter about New England's antics and success last season and that's fair. Personally, I'm just still bitter about the Saints loss at Mile High this year.

Root For: You decide

NFC Standings


Carolina 4 2 0 117 97
Atlanta 4 2 0 139 127
Tampa Bay 4 2 0 141 97
New Orleans 3 3 0 172 133

(updated 10.14.2008 at 3:27 AM CDT)


New York Giants 4 1 0 141 84
Washington 4 2 0 126 117
Dallas 4 2 0 175 141
Philadelphia 3 3 0 167 123

(updated 10.14.2008 at 3:27 AM CDT)


Minnesota 3 3 0 113 119
Chicago 3 3 0 148 109
Green Bay 3 3 0 160 145
Detroit 0 5 0 76 159

(updated 10.14.2008 at 3:27 AM CDT)


Arizona 4 2 0 177 144
San Francisco 2 4 0 141 167
St. Louis 1 4 0 62 164
Seattle 1 4 0 100 151

(updated 10.14.2008 at 3:27 AM CDT)