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Saints @ Panthers: Game Predictions



Isn't this starting to get fun!? I think we had a record number of votes for this week's winner. Thanks to everyone who takes part in this every week and I encourage all of you out there who have yet to jump in on the fun, feel free to do so.


Of course we have to recognize this weeks winner. And that winner is the prognosticator of prognostications. He who sees all that is seen and unseen. The one. The only. Pukenbowl. He wanted balloons and confetti but aside from the slightly more hyped introduction he will be honored in regular CSC fashion...his avatar on the front page. And isn't his avatar just adorable. Is that you puke? Or did you just scan one of those photo inserts that come with the Pier 1 picture frame when you buy it. It gives CSC a softer touch this afternoon. Of course now you have to tell us all who the young lady in the picture is. We will all be awaiting your answer.

All kidding aside, it's a new week and that means new predictions. A chance to start fresh. You only get three, so make 'em count.